Dolphin Leather,
which exports a wide range of leather products all around the world, now brings the same International quality to the domestic market. You can feel the sheer quality of exquisite leather the first time you touch it.
The company was incorporated with the sole objective to serve the domestic and the international market with genuine quality leathers and leather articles and at the same time to maintain fairness in the price as well.
A fully integrated unit where the inhouse process of manufacture starting from raw skin allows complete control on promised quality, innovative designs and high standards of finish and strict delivery shedules. The process allows fexibeilty to create products to match prices and styles.
As a specialist, Dolphin Leather selects the finest of hides from a special process.
The beautiful velvety surface structure and unique softness of leather, achieved
by a special tanning process and traditional dyeing in vats, are qualities which
please the eye and pamper the sense of touch. Equiped with world class
shophisticated equipments, modern mechineries and skilled craftmen to
control, the fascinating products of Dolphin Leather are fashioned into
creations which are captivating in their design and perfect.

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